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VIBRA is a network of artists and technologists who explore artistic expression possibilities related to video, interaction, movement, space and audio - in short form, often referred to as interactive dance. With interactive dance, we mean a cross artistic expression in which dancers using sensor and computer technology control one or more aspects of sound, music, video, light, or other scenic instruments. The term has been largely explored in Norway. Much of the non-classical dance presented on Norwegian scenes today is accompanied by pre-recorded musical events and / or video. With such a fixed accompaniment, the relationships that occur between motion, music and visual elements will work essentially one way. By using new technology, we hope to introduce an interactivity that can provide a more dynamic expression that more closely puts cross-cultural relationships at stake.


The start-up of the network has involved a bundle of people from Trondheim / Trøndelag that have a relevant background and will constitute the project group. Most of these are freelance artists, while some are also affiliated with NTNU. The participants so far has been: Andreas Bergsland (Artistic Director, NTNU Music Technology), Luis Della Mea (Including Dance Company and Dance Company / Dance Laboratory), Tone Pernille East (NTNU, Inclusive / Dance Lab), Arnhild Staal Pettersen (DansiT, Inclusive / Dance Laboratory), Elen Øyen (Dance Lab), Pekka Stokke (Video and Light Artist), Sigurd Saue (NTNU Music Technology), Gina Sandberg (Creative / Performing Scene and Video Artist).


VIBRA is supported by the Culture Council, NTNU, Trondheim Municipality, Trøndelag County, Performing Arts Fund, NTNU ARTEC and DansIT.

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