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Workshop with Johannes Birringer

#kineticatmospheres #immersive #installation #performance #vibraworkshop #VR #augmentedreality

October 15 and 16 at Verkstedhallen, Trondheim

This workshop explores performance and media generation through designing and orchestrating a kinetic atmosphere or augmented environment (with media output -video, multichannel sound, light, text). The kinetic atmospheres are physically and sensorially immersive installations in which performers and audiences are protagonized to move around and interact. Immersive, sonic choreographies imply a participatory aural architecture, in the theatrical sense of a scenography that invites and includes. VR headsets or game-like virtual landscape will be added – in what is now referred to as “augmented virtuality” – something which will bring up new, challenging questions about the material affect of moving between real + virtual spaces.

There will be an artist talk with a following showing from the workshop October 16th at 19.00hrs at Verkstedhallen.

The workshop is powered by ARTEC ( and supported by the IMTEL lab (

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